Our company is a company with an accelerated dynamics, constantly developing, following the strategic business directions. The evolution of an employee in our company is related to our work pace and development rhythm.

In our team, you can start as a junior and can progress to an expert level in your profession, or you can choose to diversify the expertise by working in other fields or at other levels, depending on the proven skills.

In our opinion, the new employees of today are future experts and managers. Therefore, when new leadership or management positions that require a higher degree of expertise are open in our company, first of all we look for suitable candidates inside the company.

Over time, our company increased and with it, new departments and roles have developed. Each colleague can express their option to evolve within the group in a desired direction where he or she has potential. We have many examples among colleagues who developed their career in our team: from tester to business analyst, from developer to team leader or project manager.

The performance evaluation process is carried out annually. Each employee has a set of objectives, which are measured by reference to a relevant set of KPI. Intermediate to the final evaluation, throughout the year, there are organized several meetings for clarifying and updating the objectives, if necessary. Thus, the assessment process has quarterly and annual stages.
For a more efficient and realistic evaluation, our performance management system is customized to each role.

In our team we focus on the professional and personal development of employees as the company encourages us to train in as many professional training activities.

Each colleague has a dedicated annual training budget. Together with the line manager, each of us is working on a development plan setting the schedule of trainings or new exams for certifications to. We therefore ensure that the level of knowledge and skills is improved year by year.

Moreover, an important activity in our company is represented by the involvement in sports competitions, organized within the group, or the participation in those organized externally.

The general work schedule in the company is from 9:00 to 18:00, with a lunch break.

The work environment is friendly, when it comes to the location as well as the work atmosphere,. The headquarters, located in the Green Gate building, hosts the most of us and provides us with all the facilities needed to be productive and creative in our daily activity.

We work together on large projects, in order to produce changes in the society. These require the involvement of many types of experts. Therefore, the most important aspect for us is related to teamwork. We take care of the relationship with our colleagues; we help and support each other, and in the end, we celebrate together.

In addition to this, we participate in various team building activities supported by the company, or even initiated by us.

Our team is heterogeneous in terms of age. We have juniors and seniors, and as an average, we are nearly 30 years of age.

At first, each new colleague is helped by a Buddy. For 3 months, the buddy takes care of the new employee and provides him or her with information about the internal procedures and tools to be used, in order to become familiar with company products and projects and guides him or her in fulfilling their role in the team and adapt to the new position as easy as possible.

All our colleagues enjoy the benefits, and the most ambitious oneswho  prove to be very efficient, are rewarded for their results:

  • The company provides premium healthcare subscriptions for all employees, their wives and children;
  •  The company covers part of the gym subscription cost for all employees;
  •  We have baskets full of fresh and diverse fruits in all offices;
  •  Every year, the performance champions are awarded with tablets, bicycles, trips or business cars;
  •  At the 5th work anniversary in company, each employee receives a gift: a holiday voucher for two;
  •  We have relaxing areas available to all colleagues, including a gaming room in the headquarters;
  •  Each year, the company invites us to two major parties;
  •  We have a special Christmas party organized for all our colleagues’ children.