IT Consultancy

We have a solid team of more than 300 IT specialists, amounting to more than 1,500 certifications, all acquired for the excellent technical knowledge they have proven to have. They help us improve and create the technological infrastructure which can represent a basis of the social evolution.

The IT consultancy services we offer are aimed at optimizing the processes within the public and private institutions. We achieve this by means of the ability of our team to identify the optimum solutions, starting with defining the best IT solutions, continuing with bringing in line the newest technologies with the business processes of the organization and with the stage of the actual implementation.

In the process for the definition of the best IT solutions, our specialists make sure that they are adjusted to the needs and the specificity of the respective organization activities. They are in charge of the correct configuration and design of the IT solutions, of keeping a high information security level and offer assistance to the client for the adjustment of the internal procedures specific for the optimum use of an informatics system.

The IT consultancy services we offer address especially the public and private organizations from the following industries: public services and e-governing, public safety, environment, agriculture, transports, health.

We offer IT consultancy services for:

  • Elaborating the functional and non-functional requirements;
  • Elaborating the technical specifications;
  • Architecture design and performance;
  • Development of the information systems and of the data bases;
  • Implementing and customizing informatics systems;
  • Drafting the set of objectives for the provision of the IT security standards;
  • The performance of the propositions of implementing plans for security standards;
  • Elaboration of the manual of integrated procedures for the operation and testing of the IT systems;
  • Elaboration and implementing of a business continuity plan;
  • Digitization and indexing information.

BDAPL - The development of the architecture for the information system and of the structure for the economic-financial database of the local public administration authorities

The project consisted in delivering IT consultancy services for the elaboration and the design of an national IT solution containing informational systems and centralized databases structures with financial and economic data. The project was aimed at the foundation and elaboration of the proposition to implement the economic-financial database of the local public administration authorities.

After analyzing the current situation from the local and central public administration of the existing information systems in this field and after the consultations with the members of the local and central public administration through workshops in several locations in the country, corroborated with study visits in 5 European countries for the identification and analysis of information systems close to the one designed, consultancy services were delivered for:

  • The performance of the study for the development of an information system and of a national database, for the collection of the economic – financial data of the local public administration units, for their analysis and the supply to different users, such as the publication of relevant reports for the performances of the local public administration;
  • Architecture design and performance;
  • Elaboration of the technical specifications;
  • Elaboration of the functional and non-functional requirements for the future information system and for the national database.

EOS - IT systems evaluation and optimization for cadaster and land registration

The project supplied IT consultancy services for the elaboration of recommendations concerning the implementation of optimization measures in the field of IT security, physical infrastructure, hardware and software architecture of ANCPI. The main objectives of the project were the following:

  • Drafting a set of objectives for the provision of the IT security standards;
  • The achievement of a multi-annual plan proposition for the implementation of the security standards;
  • The establishment of the framework to maintain, on the long term, the measures implemented for the security standards at the level of the agency;
  • The elaboration of an integrated procedures manual concerning the operation and the testing of the IT systems;
  • The indexation of the information, chronology and hierarchy of the operations as well as of a regulations for the use of the IT integrated system;
  • The achievement of a technical solution proposition for the appropriate provision of the main data center (Data Center) and of the auxiliary one (The Security Location for Disaster Recovery) of ANCPI;
  • The formulation of recommendations for the optimization of the IT systems architecture, including for the implementation of the INSPIRE directive.

Technical assistance for the use of the IT&C instruments in schools and libraries

The project consisted in the analysis of the existing situation at the level of the local libraries and their financing through a projects competition with the purpose of training their coordinators to promote their local cultural values and attract non-refundable financing.

The consultants team offered assistance and consultancy services for the management of the effects produced by the local implementation of the projects, project management and financial management services (including acquisitions), promotion services. The main objective of this consultancy mission at the level of the communities involved was the management of the mentality change of the librarians and the local authorities concerning the items the library can offer for the people in the countryside and from small towns.


SIRENE - The achievement of a consultancy and analysis project for the creation of the SIRENE application and for the technical endowment of the SIRENE office

Consultancy in the management of the changes imposed by the implementation of an information system aimed at creating a national center for information exchange between Romania and the EU Member States as far as the alerts issued by the police institutions from the European Union are concerned.

The project aimed at achieving an analysis of the current national and European situation from the perspective of the necessary information exchange between the SIRENE offices in Romania and the other Member States of the EU, the evaluation of the communication technical standards, the identification of the work processes imposed by the European legislation in the field and their adjustment to the national specificity, as well as the implementation of a feasibility study for the analysis of the impact on the organization from an organizational, procedural, and technical provisions point of view after the changes imposed by the implementation of the information system.


Ministry of Communications and Information Society


International Police Cooperation Center


Paying and Intervention Agency for Agriculture


National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration


Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration