TechnologySys handles IT&C integration, project management and IT&business consulting.


Experience in various fields of activity

We have a wide experience in fields such as the environment, public administration and Government, public safety, agriculture, project management and EU funding, experience sustained by the large-scale projects implemented in each of these sectors.

Projects tailored to clients’ needs

We have the capacity to deliver customised systems to the level of compliance with our clients’ needs, covering a wide range of services. From software development and integration with hardware architectures and communication systems to business consulting and project management, our team delivers complex solutions to highest standards.

Complex products

We offer products in various areas of expertise: management systems for emergency cases, solutions for geospatial information management, solutions for human resources management, SCADA utilities monitoring systems, business management integrated systems, e-Governing solutions, health care management systems.

Advanced technologies

The systems developed by our team integrate the most advanced and innovative technologies, such as GIS (Geographic Information System), UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Cloud.